Manufacturers & Exporters of Highend Garment Fabrics.


Incorporated in the year 1980, General Group is a renowned name in Indian Polyester Market. Since then the Group has made rapid progress in widely diverse fields. At present, the company is a trendsetter in Polyester textiles. The Group is managed by a Board of Directors comprising eminent industrialists, businessmen and dedicated professionals. It is located in Surat, which is known Textile Hub of India.

General Group comprises of New High Speed Water Jet Looms of 650 Machines in Quantity. The Waterjet Looms are Imported From Taiwan.The looms are equipped with all technical parts which is 5 times the cost of an ordinary water-jet loom. The looms can Weave up to 108 Inches of Fabric. The looms Can weave the most difficult quality available.

Group has its own 150 Twisting Machines for High Twist Fabrics.The twisting machines are also highly customized to meet out good and high-end qualities for High Twisted Fabrics.

The company has 10 Warping of Prashant Gamatex. The warpings are totally High end and Different than normal Ordinary warping costing more than double price.

The company has Constructed A big reservoir of 30000000 (3 crore) Litres to cater to Waterjet Looms. The purpose to Make such a huge reservoir is that if water shortage is there but still company can run without withdrawing water from government till 3 months.

The Group mainly produces high quality Polyester fabric for Export purpose. The company comprises of all reputed end buyers such as Marks & Spencer’s, H&M, Zara, Vero Moda, Tommy Hilfiger, Wal-Mart, GAP , Next Etc. The group has a big vision to expand further to 4 times the current production. The group’s core strength is its quality standard for International requirement.The company’s yearly turnover is 250 Crores.

Company Is making Fabrics From 70 GSM upto 400 GSM for Fashion Garments. All fabrics are made in Moss, Satin, Dobbies ETC.

General Group is also dealing into Fabrics made By RECYCLED YARN. We are Certified Sellers for Recycle Fabrics in all Our Qualities.

Our Group is Coming up with a new Denim project also with the High end technology. The Machinery will comprise of Rope Dyeing Facility Made in USA by Morisson & Airjet Looms of Tsudakoma. The Denim unit will have the capacity to Manufacture 30 Lac Meters of Very High End Fabrics a Month.

General Group freely strives to implement its core philosophy of achieving success by being of service to its clients, an asset to its employees and a partner to its vendors. A heritage of hard work, integrity, and gratitude has clearly demonstrated that these character traits are General Group’s path to long term success. The Group believes that the best way to ensure profitability is by putting people and principals first and foremost. We look forward to serving our current and potential clients with warmth and service that is unparalleled in the textile industry.